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Romans 6-8


Welcome to FULLY ALIVE! I’m so thrilled you’ve agreed to join me on this on-line Bible study journey through Romans 6-8, three of the most insightful and rich chapters of the Bible.

Before we jump into an explanation of the format of the study, let me share with you where the name for our study came from. Romans 6:11 says, “Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” This verse is packed with practical application, which we will save for our study, but I want to draw your attention to the phrase “alive to God.” These three words have been rolling over in my mind for weeks. What would it look like for an ordinary woman — one who tirelessly works at her job, shuttles kids to various activities, and tries to maintain some semblance of peace and order in her home — what would it look like for that woman to live fully alive to God? What kinds of things would she avoid? What would she passionately pursue? How would her relationships be affected? Her calendar? Her money? What would her relationship with God be like?

How might your life (and mine) be transformed if we lived fully alive to God?

Romans 6-8 contains the answers to these questions.

As we begin this journey together, I’m praying you will commit yourself anew and afresh to seeking God through His Word. He will never disappoint.


Start Date: Monday, May 2

End Date: Friday, May 27

Duration: the month of May (4 weeks, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday)

  • May 2-6
  • May 9-13
  • May 16-20
  • May 23-27

Format: The discussion and interaction with others in our group will take place on the Sitting At His Feet Facebook page. This is where instructions and questions will be posted on a daily basis by 6am. My goal is to create a space where everyone feels free to share and interact about what God is teaching you from His Word.


Read PassageOn the first day of the week we will read the passage of Scripture (approximately one chapter). If time allows, read it aloud slowly. Perhaps you could read it several times over the course of the day. The first step to good Bible study is merely understanding the text, and the more you read it, the more familiar you will become with it, increasing comprehension.

Dig deeperOn Tuesdays I will post 1-3 questions on the Facebook page for discussion. On this day you will have the opportunity to interact with the Biblical passage and the group of ladies as we seek to discover what the text means. I believe we can learn from each other and the value of the discussions will only increase as everyone participates.

be encouraged

On Wednesdays I will post a link on the Facebook page to a blog post ( will give added insight into the passage and encouragement for the week. Feel free to read this commentary and add your own thoughts in the comment thread on Facebook or in the comments on my blog. This is another way for us to encourage one another with God’s truth.

apply truth
On Thursdays I will ask an application question from the passage. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss with other women how the truths in the passage affect our every day lives. Here we can share our joys and our struggles and perhaps provide an opportunity to pray for one another.

memorize verseHiding God’s Word in our hearts is never a wasted pursuit. On Fridays I will post a few graphics containing memory verses from the passage. You may memorize these or another verse that has spoken to you from the text. Write it out on an index card, or download and print these blank scripture memory cards. You may also want to share on the Facebook page what verse you have decided to commit to memory.


Workbook: There is a workbook that is available to download for the study. This is completely OPTIONAL. You will be able to study the text, consider the questions, and participate in the discussion without completing the workbook. However, it is designed for those who want to spend a little more time in the text as it contains optional activities (e.g. additional questions that take you to other places in Scripture concerning the topic, handwriting the text etc.).

Download the workbook here: FULLY ALIVE Romans 6-8 Workbook

A few final thoughts: I understand our lives are full, and so I encourage you to do what you can. There is no condemnation here, sister! If time is limited, choose to spend those moments you do have in God’s Word reading the passage. I know from experience how the truth found in Scripture can change lives. This on-line Bible study is not designed to be an exhaustive in-depth study of Romans 6-8, but rather a way for us to intentionally make room for God’s Word into our hearts and lives. If you are new to God’s Word, I pray it will whet your appetite. If you are a seasoned Bible study girl, I pray you will not allow familiarity to rob you of the treasures God wants to reveal to you in these chapters of Romans. This study is designed to be do-able for all stages and seasons we may find ourselves in. Time spent in God’s Word is never wasted. I’m praying for you as we discover how to live FULLY ALIVE in Christ!


As we move through the study, the resources will also be posted on the pages below (click the images).


Romans 6     Romans 7

Romans 8_1-25     Romans 8_26-39