The message of Galatians transcends time and culture as Paul urges his readers to live under grace instead of law. Galatians is a book that highlights the grace of God, the freedom in Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The sense of urgency with which Paul is writing is clearly communicated on every page of this short letter. The people whom he had ministered to in Galatia were turning from the grace of the gospel of God to a form of legalism, and Paul was writing to them to urge them not to turn back, but to keep walking in the glorious freedom found in Christ.

The churches in Galatia had several problems. Perhaps the most destructive was their acceptance of the false teaching by men known as Judiazers. These Jewish Christians came in to try to convince the Gentile believers that they needed to follow the law in addition to their justification by faith. In order to deal with the remaining sin problem after coming to Christ, the Judiazers said it was necessary to obey the law. They said you needed Christ plus works. Christ plus law-keeping. Paul had to correct this with a clear explanation of the dispensation of grace. In addition to this, Paul felt it necessary to defend his apostolic authority because the Judiazers were slandering his character and rejecting his authority.

In our time and culture similar worldviews threaten to destroy the gospel of grace. First, relativism replaces moral standards with individual subjective ideas. This worldview rejects all forms of absolute truth, and in so doing, removes all accountability. Second, through various forms of religion people try to formulate their own system to approach God. Recognizing their sin, people try to appease a holy God through works. Paul is speaking as much to us nearly 2 000 years later as he was to them. The message of Galatians is a timely one.

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