1 Peter

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The apostle Peter wrote his letters at a time in history when Christians were being horrifically persecuted for their faith. Consequently, this letter has much to teach us about suffering for righteousness. Peter had walked with Jesus for three years, and during that time Jesus prepared Peter for what he would suffer for the sake of the gospel, and now Peter would equip others to deal with suffering in their own lives.

Peter also has much to say about God’s grace, weaving this theme through every chapter. Grace is one of the deepest and richest blessings we possess in Christ. Through Peter, we are exhorted to stand firm in the grace of God.

In addition to suffering and grace, Peter writes about holiness, submission, servanthood, humility, obedience, the role of elders, and how to resist the devil.

Many wonderful and practical treasures await us in Peter’s first letter. Click the link below to download the workbook:

1 Peter Workbook